The Internet has lost its plot. Majorly!

For me, it all began with Yahoo Chat, then called Lycos Chat where this adorable pirate would welcome you aboard. Of course, I was 12 at the time and had to make a fake profile as the chat was accessible to adults only. Needless to say, this deception enthralled me. I was in a chat-room with adults!

Obviously, I was young and naive. No one knows how to adult. Then, I found hello.com, friendster.com, myspace.com, and so my ‘social’ life went on. Eventually Orkut came in and boom! So MANY people online. Everyone I knew, knew I was online. So were they. *eyeroll

We all know what happened next. Facebook and Twitter rule today’s social lives, Instagram and Snapchat have replaced scrapbooks, LinkedIn has changed the job market (has it really?), and the Internet end up getting us super-connected.

Or has it?

I remember in one of our Arts and Culture class, our professor at IIJNM, the Vice Dean brought up the ‘freedom of having a choice’ in what we want to know. And while, we Twitteratis know this to be not entirely true (the number of morons we endure on our TL, RT-d by others *major eyeroll), it isn’t that big a lie, really. Online, you do have the choice to select who to see, what to read/listen and what not to.

But does this choice bring more harm than good? Possibly, but how? You see, while the Internet has expanded our chance of having a discussion, it also handed us an enormous power – the ability to turn off the screen, the choice to switch to another site, chat window, person, etc – if and when something challenges our views. Remember how most of us used to stuff our fingers in our ears when our parents used to be all “You are too old/young for this.” Yep, this is the exact same thing.

But, I digress.

This is not a post where I argue with the internet to widen their horizons – I have given up on that count. I am merely making a request – shut up.

Surprised? Well, don’t be. There is so much stupidity floating around the once prestigious (LOL) and credible (ROFL) World Wide Web, that the Internet has become like the albatross around the neck of evolution.

I am sure you know what I mean.*

So, at times, just shut the fuck up.


*If you don’t, you definitely need to shut up.


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