Let’s forget it all!

Let me begin by saying that I suck at feelings. Honestly. Ask me to talk to you about anything, I will go on and on, even if I don’t know much about it. I can charm you with my stories and also bore you to death with them. But the moment the stuff gets a little emotional, I walk, as fast and inconspicuously as I can, in the opposite direction.

And I don’t know why but I have always been like this. Sometimes, a day comes when life throws a rock at my face and forces me to express my emotions. Don’t get me wrong, I am fine with happiness and anger.

Although, I do have a resting bitch face.

Ask my friends, they will tell you – resting bitch faces are for real and I have one. A perfect one actually.

It was one of those hours when I am too bored to do anything remotely taxing on my brain cells, and I choose to browse my Facebook News Feed instead. Yes, like most of you, I too have a ‘social’ circle of people having babies, getting married and being happy, in general.

My favourite quote in quite a while.

I don’t know if you’ve noticed that the more you scroll through your News Feed, Facebook starts displaying people you hardly ever connect with – some old colleagues, mostly your school friends and oh, a couple of those exes you never want to set your eyes on. For me, it is always a pleasant jolt to stumble upon my school mates. Those obscure faces, slightly familiar, but mostly strange and alluring – faces I’ve grown up with, people who grew up with me. But suddenly, you start to realise, that you haven’t spoken to them in years.

Usually, these don’t bother me. Like I said, emotions and me are like oil and water. However, this time I stumbled upon a classmate I was really close to, only to realise she look exactly the same like she did 6 years ago.

Yes, like a switch, I turned off 90% of my school life the very day I stopped wearing its uniform. Am I sad? Probably.

Obviously, friends go apart as life takes you to different places. That’s normal. Personally, I have lost all connect with my school friends – a text once in a while, a like on Facebook sometimes, and a lot of resentment from some. But that’s normal, right?

I have read so many articles that say you’re bound to forget a few friends in the walk of life – a sign of growing up, apparently. I am not friendless, I think. I have made better friends in college and smarter ones in my PG year, while some adult ones along the way.

Yet, I sometimes wonder, what about the ones who have seen each other grow up? What about the people who have failed and succeeded with you from the first day of class? All the people who reached and battled puberty with you?

Can anyone tell me how many friends can you lose in life to function normally? Tell me how many you lost.


4 thoughts on “Let’s forget it all!

  1. Hey, scribbler! I haven’t met you and I don’t like that expression being employed about anyone’s face, no matter how tempting. People have reasons to be whatever they are. I am a firm believer of the thought it is all a reflection of one’s heart. That said, the pressures of the materialistic world have taken their toll and relationships have taken a mechanical feel. You are bang on about that quote about strangers with memories.

  2. From having the pleasure of following you on twitter until date where I read more than just 140 characters by you, you still remain one of my most favourite people who pen down their thoughts from across the border, Saheli!

    Loads of love. x

    1. Hira, thank you for being so kind to me. As I have been reading your blog for ages, a compliment from someone of your caliber, is a big thing in itself. Thank you xx

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