Ode to 2015.

2015 has been a hell of a year. And yeah, I am not being sarcastic. From getting my first office-going job to being acknowledged and awarded for all the hard work at college to getting an apartment and knowing what it’s really like to live alone and mostly, to the wonderful people I have had the pleasure of knowing this year.

I often refrain from anything remotely sappy because, you know, duh, obvious reasons but today, in a sadly yet fortunate sober state, I want to thank 2015 for being so very good to me. Anyway, I will keep this short.

2016, your move, mate.



4 thoughts on “Ode to 2015.

  1. Happy New year!! lovely to read you have many life changing moments in 2015! Wishing you more of this chaos and joy in 2106

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