Mission to civilize : Feminism

Every time I watch The Newsroom (which is a lot) and I hear Will McAvoy passionately declare his “mission to civilize”, my heart resonates. Every damn time. After all, don’t I pompously position myself at a higher moral ground than the yelling, biting, scratching and bitching crowd I am surrounded with?

Over the last few years, feminism, as a word, has become “food for thought” on social media. Of course, with the patriarchal society that prevails most of the planet, it is indeed necessary to discuss feminism. I am sure you have noticed the various passionate debates people have online, mostly on comment sections of every possible website, about the rights and wrongs of feminism.

However, the one thing that surprises me is how you have to label yourself as a feminist. I mean, shouldn’t it be synonymous to survival? I am alive and hence, I am a feminist. Shouldn’t that be the case? Obviously, people do not agree with me. Because most people, including many ‘feminists’ do not understand what it entails.

Feminists are usually portrayed as angry women, frustrated with life, men and this planet. They are brawny, loud, crass and violent. Sounds like those aunties who push each other on public transport, scrunch up their faces and yell at everyone who dare cross their path, doesn’t it?download

And what about the men who claim to be feminists? They are weak, of course. Stupid and unmanly, willing to let tits and pussies rule the world. If you, like me, are familiar with these concepts, you will also know that there ARE women who claim to be feminists and want all men (except Hugh Jackman) to rot in the deep fires of hell. There are women who want men and women to be equal but do not want to label themselves as feminists for they fear that they’re going to be labelled as male hating sluts who want nothing but men who will fall at their feet and beg to be their slaves.

Then we have the third gender. Then there is the unnecessary and demented injustice against men. Love women or not, you will be the culprit, most of the time. What -isms are we going to implement to fight these?

Tits or no tits, we need to learn ONE thing : Feminism won’t take your rights away. It won’t make you smaller. All you have to do is understand it well. Much like your favourite book. Or your favourite superhero. Or maybe, even yourself.

Feminism : A range of movements and ideologies that share a common goal: to define, establish, and achieve EQUAL political, economic, cultural, personal, and social rights for women. This includes seeking to establish EQUAL opportunities for women in education and employment.


See? Not superior. Not inferior. Equal.

P.S. This is a rant. Kindly take your offence to your own blog.


One thought on “Mission to civilize : Feminism

  1. When discourses begin, the intentions are to educate, to make people aware of the new ideas, of rampant biases…..and then comes the stage when discourses become tools used and abused to serve ends which have little meaning. Feminism has been used and abused like that in many ways.

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