2015, you are welcome.

New Year’s Eve has never been my favourite holiday. The end of a year only to start a new one the very next second simply didn’t fascinate me. I still remember how the first few weeks of a year in school was spent correcting the year while writing the date because of the ‘last-year-hangover’ as I used to call it.

2014 was, however, very special. Like every other year. (I did warn you, I do not like NYE.) Plenty of deaths, rapes (I am so cheery!), campaigns to make Salman Khan the name of our moon, etc. So far, 2015 has already begun to disappoint me. I am so joyous, right?

However, I did join a new college, IIJNM and I did make a few amazing friends so YAY!

Here is a list of FIVE things I expect 2015 to put an end to.

1. Selfie-sticks – Seriously? Even Narcissus would tell you that these are too much. I get the fascination for selfies; you want to look at your beautiful and spectacular bone structure but c’mon! You have mirrors for a reason.

2. A new iPhone – There wasn’t anything special about 5s and there isn’t a THING new in the 6 and 6+. Apple fanboys, stay off. I do not want a debate.

3. Twitter contests – The next time you want to compete for a chapstick, go play Bingo with 13-year-olds. I doubt even they want it.

4. ‘List’ blogging – There are good lists and then there are bad lists. No one wants to know how ALL females who wear glasses have the exact same problem of not looking any different with kohl. (Yeah, I read it.) Because you know, rain and steam can NEVER affect bespectacled men.

5. Telling us where you are and with whom – Please do not induce stalkerish behaviour among easily influenced kids.

I am sure there are many more things I did not appreciate but my memory fails right now.

On this not so cheery note, here’s a hearty welcome to 2015. Happy New Year everyone!


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