“Every” should be banned.

It is common knowledge that human intelligence is limited. And if you didn’t know that, you are probably one of the many who will not agree with this post.

While I usually avoid ranting or putting across my opinion, this video set me off. It all started with innocent Buzzfeed posts about “45 Things You Will Relate To If You Wear Glasses” and moved onto more offensive ones like “17 White Girl Problems”, etc.

(Disclaimer : Numbers are purely fictional. It usually ranges from 10-70.)

Often, the depth of the narrow mindedness of the society we live in baffles me. Why should my geographical location, colour, race, ethnicity, religion and for that matter, sex have any relation to what I behave like?

I am a Bengali who grew up in Assam. Yet, I have read Satyajit Ray, heard Rabindra Sangeet and can speak fluent Assamese. I don’t like fish but I love mishti doi and I absolutely adore rosogolla.

How will you categorize me?


If sexism wasn’t bad enough, now we’ve people all over believing that knowing one dog entitles them to claiming ultimate knowledge about the whole breed.

Why should every Bombay girl behave the same way? I have two very good female friends from Bombay and they couldn’t be more dissimilar. Yet they are perfectly tolerable people.

Similarly, not every Delhi girl behaves like this at all.

I don’t know if we’ll ever move away from generalisations based on lack of knowledge.

Not every girl who has a boyfriend is a slut.

Not every guy who doesn’t like sports is effeminate.

Not every man wants only sex from a woman.

Not every blonde is dumb.

Not every engineer is an IITian.

And definitely, not every human is judgemental.

Accept it. Or die living in your bubble of ignorance.

P.S. If I have offended you, please go shout at a wall. Because I couldn’t care less.


3 thoughts on ““Every” should be banned.

  1. Every single thing you penned is true.Since we have not met and lived with everybody we should desist from portraying the notion that we know what they do and how they act.People forget that there is something called individuality.

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