Book Review and Giveaway : The PM’s Wishlist

The author J.K. Sachin chose Reha as the winner of the contest. Congratulations Reha! And a thank you to everyone who read, shared and commented on the post. Thank you very much for your support.


A fortnight ago, Anita Menon provided me with an opportunity to read and review the new political thriller, The PM’s Wishlist by J.K. Sachin. Since the beginning of 2014, the whole country of India has been buzzing, speculating and wondering who would become the next Prime Minister of the subcontinent. The 16th General Elections are almost knocking on our doors and we, the citizens are listing our favourites, weighing our options, debating on who shall lead us for the next five years. And along comes J.K. Sachin’s book, The PM’s Wishlist which revolves around Sharan Karan, India’s new Prime Minister, a novice when it comes to politics but a man with an agenda. Through Sharan Karan, the author tries to provide a baseline for the people of our country and their hopes and expectations from the government. Throughout the course of the novel, we glimpse upon a politician…

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