Sunday Stories

Cold War.

This is a long awaited sequel to my previous story War, published on 19th January, 2014. You can read the first section here.

“I can’t do this.”, she sighed, looking at her sister across the table who promptly responded “Why not? Isn’t this what you wanted?” with exceeding sarcasm and got up to pour them a glass of wine each.

Setting the glasses on the polished glass surface, only occupied by the documents in front of her, she sat back in her chair and leaned forward, “Look, just sign and get it over with. This madness has to stop.”

“Yeah, but what if we both are wrong and this isn’t the solution? What if, all we need is to talk things out and everything can go back to what it was and we all can be happy? Who knows, maybe we can even do it all over again, but this time, with a happy ending?”

Her sister just cocked her head to the left and rolled her eyes while mouthing “naive”. Sarah knew her sister was right, Vicky always was! It was the one thing different about them. While the two shared every possible similarity under the roof, her younger sister had always been perceptive when it came to situations and people. The woman had never been wrong in her entire life.

It was infuriating, but oddly useful at times. Looking back at the papers, Sarah gave a rueful smile. It was time they got over with this. She and Jake had been separated for over a year and it was time she signed the papers, no matter how wrong it felt in her heart. That man drove her crazy and not in a good way, at least not anymore.

Gone were the days when just uttering her name could make her giddy with joy. Nowadays, it just made her sad and frustrated at the same time. The two had been so much in love that marriage had been the perfect future plan. And then suddenly, the magic was replaced by petty arguments, long fights, hurtful comments and gradually a constant resentment towards one another.

Separation had been inevitable and all their dreams had shattered. Not long after, she had filed for divorce and finally the papers had arrived. But something had changed. Only last month when Jake’s apartment was being fumigated, she had let him stay over at her house for a week. Well, technically, theirs but since Jake hadn’t put in any claim, it would be hers after the divorce. While that information had initially given her a great deal of satisfaction, lately, living in that house all alone was proving to be quite difficult.

The ghost of her past happiness was haunting her. And him staying over hadn’t helped. While he could still make her laugh, he was also a constant reminder of how good things were between them. Except the fact that the two didn’t share a room, everything had been the same.

In fact, on the fourth night, they had even popped some corn and cuddled to watch a movie together until she grew too comfortable and embarrassed, left. Somehow, when he left this time, the house had seemed even more bleak and she had felt lonelier.

Her thoughts had taken a wistful turn and soon she was recollecting their happier times. Rapping her knuckles on the tables, Vicki exclaimed “Earth to Lady Sarah!” startling her. “You are such a fool, sister! Just sign the damn papers and let go. I promise to book a day at the spa for both of us as a treat over the weekend.”, Vicki pronounced.

Sarah sighed and nodded. She knew Vicki meant well. It would do her no good to dwell on the past. It was time to move on. Squaring her shoulders, she sat up straight and cleared her throat, “Alright. I will do it.” and picked up the pen. Just as she was about to scrawl her signature, her cell phone rang.

She paused and looked; it was Jake. It was Vicki’s turn to sigh, “Answer it. I know you will.” Putting the pen back on the table, Sarah picked up the phone, her finger hovering over the “Answer” option. Looking at Vicki, she tapped it and slowly put the phone to her ear.


“Sarah, it’s me. Jake. Listen, we need to talk.”


4 thoughts on “Cold War.

  1. It’s nice, but didn’t flow as easily as the first one. The first one began and ended, while in this one, I was aware of reading one paragraph after another.

  2. I will agree with what Sadaf said above, but I guess that is always a hazard with a prequel. You are a tad limited by the outcome (which has to match the sequel). Keeping that limitation in mind, you have done a fairly good job here.

  3. I love your writing. Could you check out mine? Its called Hostages and Hostages: Revision #1 on my blog
    It would be much appreciated! ☺

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