Book Review and Giveaway : The PM’s Wishlist

A fortnight ago, Anita Menon provided me with an opportunity to read and review the new political thriller, The PM’s Wishlist by J.K. Sachin. Since the beginning of 2014, the whole country of India has been buzzing, speculating and wondering who would become the next Prime Minister of the subcontinent. The 16th General Elections are almost knocking on our doors and we, the citizens are listing our favourites, weighing our options, debating on who shall lead us for the next five years. And along comes J.K. Sachin’s book, The PM’s Wishlist which revolves around Sharan Karan, India’s new Prime Minister, a novice when it comes to politics but a man with an agenda. Through Sharan Karan, the author tries to provide a baseline for the people of our country and their hopes and expectations from the government. Throughout the course of the novel, we glimpse upon a politician, a minister who understands his people and attempts to bring about practical changes. Although a little too utopian, Sachin’s book delivers upon the promise of a successful thriller and shows us how with a little patience and enthusiasm, India could actually rise to a much greater prosperity.


The book has a gripping story, interesting characters and most importantly, the ability to engage the interest of the reader from the first to the last page. However, Sachin’s language and deliverance becomes a tad too recurring and parts of the write-up looks more like a list mangled into a paragraph. He more than makes up for it with a well researched and efficiently delivered story based on a very interesting and unique premise. What is highly intriguing is that the author deliberately steers away from setting a character for his protagonist and we see Sharan growing more as a person as well as politician rather than having an author-biased opinion of him. While I will not be revealing details about the book or the new PM’s agenda, I can firmly assure you, as a reader myself, that the book is not just for people who like to dabble in politics but also people who are interested in seeing India as a superpower. Sharan’s policies are so practical and doable that it is strange and amusing that our political parties haven’t thought of any of them in their past or present campaigns. Be it the economy or the system in general, his plans are idealistic, sometimes a little too much, and are actually not that impossible to execute.

One other highly redeeming point is how the author manages to stay away from commenting on the actual candidates for the upcoming election and also refuses to provide an ideal for the new Prime Minister. He simply weaves a tale of hope, practicality set on a brilliant political backdrop with intelligent characters and a remarkable protagonist. All in all, I would highly recommend curious readers, especially the politics loving crowd to read J.K. Sachin’s novel for it is not only a good read but also a thought-provoking one.

The book is currently available only as an e-book on Amazon available for $2.94 or Rs 187. Click here for details. Recently, a paperback version has also been released and will arrive in the market soon. Details available here. The author’s site is accessible at his website http://www.jksachin.com


Giveaway details!

Thanks for reading my review and participating in this giveaway. I have one copy of J.K. Sachin’s e-book and all you have to do is tell me in less than 100 words what your political dream for our country’s future is and get selected by the moderator to win this e-book in no time!

Terms and conditions are as follows.

  • Only citizens from India can participate in this contest.
  • You MUST comment on this post itself.
  • Add your Twitter handle for us to contact you if required.
  • Please adhere to the word limit and use full spellings.
  • You must have the Kindle e-book reader or the e-book app so that you can read the book when you win it.
  • Contest ends on 10th April 2014 at 10 p.m. and results will be announced before 14th April.

There you go! Now fire away your answer in the comments section. Good luck!

P.S. Don’t forget to share this giveaway post on your various social networks. Thank you!


Note : This contest is now closed and was won by Reha for her well rounded and practical opinion.


7 thoughts on “Book Review and Giveaway : The PM’s Wishlist

  1. My political dream for India is that we have a more tech savvy India, one which has pace in its mind and by knowledge society expands its horizon. There are more form of art and there is freedom of expression with more information and less conspiracy theories.

  2. I’d really like if India reaches such an established, confident level of democracy that whenever I have to vote for someone, I have the most intelligent, honorable and deserving candidates on my platter to choose from, and the whole process seems like a Right, a Responsibility and not a forced act out of being eligible to vote. Establish a political Youth body and give them a position in the local policy making. We’re all very pumped up on the Internet, let’s get real now.

  3. The PM should be the one, who thinks beyond the obvious, question the status-quo and the established theories to find ‘tailor made’ solutions for the problems of our country.

  4. From what I understand the vast majority are still in need of basics like food, potable water and decent sanitation. Start there and then build on it.

  5. @RedRishi_ : My political dream for India’s future is to have corrupt free nation where the politician’s objective is to solve problems of ordinary citizens rather than fill their on pockets and make India a major force in world in various fields like technology, sports, military, culture and art.

  6. my dream would be a government which lets the market function properly and be an enabler. Enabler to let its people achieve their potential.

    Focus on governing, focus on real issues- education,employment and inflation.

  7. Reblogged this on THROES OF LUNACY and commented:

    The author J.K. Sachin chose Reha as the winner of the contest. Congratulations Reha! And a thank you to everyone who read, shared and commented on the post. Thank you very much for your support.

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