Sunday Stories


He looked up from the book he was reading and stared outside the window. The trees seemed to be rushing past the moving train faster than the train itself. He liked focussing on outdoor sceneries while travelling by trains; it made him dizzy enough to forget the world around him. Today, it was that face. The face of the woman sitting on the platform that held his brain numb. She was exquisitely beautiful, her chocolate brown eyes sparkling with unshed tears and her pink lips trembling from trying to hold onto her little left composure. She had been staring at a family sitting not far from where he was but you could say that she felt alienated, from everyone. He was tempted to go and ask if she needed help but he was afraid that she was merely a mirage; nobody could be that beautiful, he had thought. A while later, the family got onto the next train and the woman kept staring until the carriage went out of sight. It was then she noticed his eyes firmly glued to her and sudden panic appeared in her perfect features. Before he could get up and say something reassuring, she had hurried away.

Now that he thought about it, a laugh escaped him. There wasn’t anything he could have said that didn’t make him look like the creep of the year. So, why even try? But he sure regretted not talking to her at least once. He was sure she’d have an enchanting voice to match her timeless beauty. Suddenly a hand rested on his shoulder and a voice spoke, “Is this seat taken?” and he looked up to see a young lady looking at him with a very pretty smile on her face. “Of course not.”, he replied. “Please, have a seat.”

As she sat back in the chair, images of the woman at the platform were already fading away replaced by the pretty woman sitting in front of him. As he envisioned an interesting journey ahead in her company, he smiled to himself. Beauty was replaceable.


10 thoughts on “Escape.

  1. Saheli, the story is beautiful! (NO pun intended)
    But concludes beauty is constant – an irreplaceable fixation; it’s object and perception is definitely replaceable, ever-changing and constantly evolving…

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