Sunday Stories


She peered inside the room, hoping no one would recognize her. She knew it was a bad idea to come to the party. True, her friends had told her she could tag along but no one had even confirmed or even called to ask how she was arriving. Well, she decided, if gate crashing was the only option, she would do it. After all, they couldn’t kick her out, right? For weeks, she had been daring herself to do something which was unlike her, to step out of her comfort zone and explore. Being the shy and awkwardly sweet mouse of the class wasn’t enough anymore. Even her boyfriend of three years seemed to think she was fading away. Why, just before leaving for Europe, he had been clear that he didn’t consider himself attached to her anymore. Well, he’d see what she can do. So would everyone else. Her mother who was her polar opposite was ecstatic! Her daughter was finally blossoming and she wanted to help as much as she could. And she had. Seeing that she had barely recognized herself in the mirror earlier, she was totally safe. Gone was the mouse. Her mother had worked her designer magic in her and the deep blue of the dress set off the make up very well.
She was gathering courage to enter the crowded hall when suddenly, a hand landed on her shoulder and she jumped only to find herself face to face with the one person she hadn’t counted on being here – her boyfriend. Wasn’t he supposed to be in Europe with his parents? She had no time to ponder as he had slid his hand from her shoulder to her waist. His ran an appraising glance from her head all the way to her toes and whistled, “Who might you be? I don’t think I have ever seen you here.” She flashed him a tight smile wishing he’d ever look at her real self THAT way and mocked herself for being so stupid. Trying to suppress the tremble she could feel all over, she straightened her spine and declared throatily, “I am new here. Will you show me around?” and regretted it immediately when he nodded, looking way too happy about it. As they walked around the hall, she spotted her friends looking gorgeous and huddled together. Then she looked back at the boy holding her close and she stopped in her tracks. Suddenly overcome with the enormity of her own deception and of all the lies she was fed every day, she pulled out of his grasp, bit back a sob and walked out of the hall with as much dignity as she could muster. Games were dangerous.


15 thoughts on “Games

  1. Very subtle, yet effective.
    The latter part felt a bit of a deja vu, but that could just be my unpredictable mind at work.
    I loved the way you brought out her character using few words.

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