Fresh Paper

In Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince, when Hermione Granger said, “…smell freshly mowed grass, new parchment and…” in response to a powerful love potion, God help me, I knew exactly what she meant. I have always been a fan of stationery and own more than enough pencils, pens, erasers, and paper. Especially paper. It’s like this strange obsession I have always had, buying and collecting old and new notebooks and diaries and filling them up. I have filled up all the old sheets my Grandfather had given me. I have written over a hundred letters addressed to no one. I have scribbled and doodled on every scrap of paper I could find.

And mind you, I have got into heaps of trouble as well. For example, once during my Part II University exams, I had finished my paper 1 hour before everyone else and the invigilator being the (un)kind woman that she was, did not even let me put my head down let alone leave the exam hall. There I was, innocently scribbling Sudoku grids on the back of my question paper. There is something about those tiny white patches on a question paper that makes me want to scribble until I can find even one inch of space. Anyway, the invigilator swooped on me like a bat and demanded to see my paper, which was overturned because I was done! Then she grabbed my question paper and brandished it around the room like a trophy and asked exactly what kind of code I had written on it and how was it related to my paper. The poor lady didn’t know what a Sudoku was and I was unceremoniously thrown out of the hall.

Now that I think of it, it was a good thing actually.

Paper always has this spell on me. Over the last couple of years, thanks to technology, I had forgotten how good it felt to write on paper for no reason at all. I remember how I used to write my silly poems and stories in my diary and then type them out on my blog. The days have gone. However, this New Year has brought about changes. A very dear friend of mine gifted me a very pretty hand-made diary and the paper is divine. I swear, it really is. And guess what? I am in love. Again.

The only irony is, I am typing this out on my laptop. Alas! My new diary will never know how much I love it.

Or maybe it will.


13 thoughts on “Fresh Paper

  1. Same here! Even for things like to-do lists, I prefer a paper one over a mobile app one, even though the latter is much easily editable. You should try calligraphy. It is a special connection between pen and paper.

  2. Haha! Same here. I still write my articles on paper and then type them on my blog. I am in love with papers and pencils. I just LOVE writing and doodling!!

      1. I finally have someone who understands the necessity of papers… They ARE magic. Especially when you take out a new journal to write!

        1. New journals are LOVE! I especially love the ones with the thicker parchment like paper. A little creamy in colour. But then again, I love white A4 sized sheets also!

          1. Exactly. I love those kinds of papers… It’s hard to find those kinds of journals here in Kuwait and it really annoys me. So, I’m forced to do with normal journals… 😦

  3. I so agree with those beautifully summed up sentiment. Alas, I who was a lover of calligraphy and heartwarming stationary have become a hoopoe of the keyboard! 😦

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