Sunday Stories


He took the last puff from his cigarette and let it fall on the pavement only to stamp it with his right foot. A slow smile crept upon his face as he looked up at the house looming ahead. Looking around, almost furtively, he slowly walked ahead with steady steps, crunching the grass underneath. The wind seemed to hum a slow lullaby and he felt as if the whole world was standing still with bated breath like they were watching a story unfold. He reached the door and turned the knob; it was unlocked. “She was always so careless.”, he thought. Of course, he had already known that she was. He had been following her for days and knew everything he needed and more. His shoes didn’t make a single sound on the carpet as he walked across the living room in dark, stumbling into nothing. He knew the place in and out. He knew exactly where the furniture was and where the alcohol was kept. Pouring himself a glass of whiskey, he took a long swig and carefully reconstructed his plan over in his head. Emptying the glass in his second gulp, he kept the glass down on the table and took long purposeful strides up the stairs and towards the bedroom. The door lay open and he could see the moonlight fall on the bed where she lay, in dreams. Her facial muscles were relaxed and she lay absolutely still save for the heaving of her chest. Ever so slowly, he walked over to the bed, pulling out his gun as he approached the bed. He grabbed a pillow from her side and loomed over, pausing as she moaned in her sleep. He smiled to himself as his eyes roamed freely over her exquisite features and he recollected their night together, weeks ago. It had been a part of the assignment or so he liked to tell himself. Without wasting a second more, he plopped the pillow on her face and held the muzzle of the gun against it and pulled the trigger. She shook for a split second and then lay completely still. He removed the pillow which now had a hole in it, similar to the one on her forehead. She lay in tranquility, never to wake up again as he stared at the hole, oozing blood, draining her life away.

He walked out of the room, back to the kitchen, washed the empty glass and out the door. As he walked away, he looked back once more. “This is the end. No more killing”, he said to himself. The winds agreed. His resolution was made.


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