New Beginnings

I haven’t blogged for a while. It’s not like I am out of words to say or that I am too busy but it’s just that I refused to blabber on this blog like I did with my previous one. However, like all resolutions and promises, this too was meant to be broken. Cupcakes, anyone? As the year comes to an end, much sooner than I expected, as always, I am at a loss. Of words, of memories and of the days that seem to have flown by. This year has been very special so far. For one, I graduated and officially crossed over to the Young Adult side. Not that it matters to my parents who, FYI, bought me Mickey Mouse pajamas last week. Don’t even ask. I remember how last year, this was the time me and my friends were wishing for an Apocalypse. Almost desperately in a twisted sadistic way.

I have always wanted a twin. Not an identical one, maybe. But a twin nevertheless. I remember how until the age of 13, I used to bug my mother with questions like

  • Am I adopted? PLEASE tell me I am adopted. (I even went far enough to vehemently deny it when people used to compliment me on how much I resemble my mother.)
  • Did you throw away my twin? (This still cracks her up.)
  • Do YOU have a twin who lost a child and you gave away my twin to her? (Blame Bollywood. All those twin movies. Ugh!)

Anyway, during Christmas 2009 or 2010 while I was on a holiday with my family, there was this one guy who was constantly pestering me with repeated calls. After I told him that I was busy for probably the 47868th time, he finally has the brains to ask me why. And my spontaneous answer was “I just found out I have a twin.”. Yeah, no kidding. Of course, he called me back in about 16 seconds and asked me the story behind it and I was gracious enough to provide him with one. It went on as far as him worrying if I was relocating with my twin who was *wait for it* settled in Germany.

Over the years, I realised that I CAN tell a pretty good story and get away with it. I am probably a pathological liar and you won’t even notice probably because I am saying everything just the way you want to hear it. The keyword here is “probably”. This year, I told some pretty big lies, all to myself. As some of you might know, I took a year off from studies and I am a freelance writer now. But this year off also gave me pretty much a lot of time to think. A LOT. But I shall not bore you with details.

This year also brought about the biggest change in my life : I am committed. Hopefully, for good or I’ll have to personally hunt down everyone who has read this and erase their memory. Or worse, kill them. Err, which unfortunately, includes you as well.

As the year ends, here’s my best wishes to all my readers. Thank you for reading through all the good and bad stuff I post. Thank you for going as far as sharing them as well. Here’s hoping the next year brings you a lot of joy. Cheers! Here’s to new beginnings.

P.S. Drop a comment. I really like those.


9 thoughts on “New Beginnings

  1. you sure have the gift! Your post made me smile, for the first time this year, Iv genuinely smiled. Thanks for the pleasant sunshine at 9:09 p.m.

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