Dew drops and hues.

Dance under the trees with me.
Let the dew drops of the night drench us both into ecstasy.
Let the moonlight tease us & the leaves sing.
Let’s pretend to make music out of rustles & creaks.
Let the night draw us into it & help us rise to the peak.
In our frenzy, let’s forget.
Then, as dawn breaks, let the filtering light remind us of our forgotten promises.
Let it remind us of our shared history & slap us awake.
And as the day proceeds, we’ll sink back into our slumber of indifference.
Only to be back under the trees in the veil of the dark.

11 thoughts on “Dew drops and hues.

      1. marbo! I read it often. This one compelled me to leave a comment. Maybe you are doing something to my blog by just reading and not commenting.. 😛


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