When does the turn come?

I have heard. That people move on. Eventually. That we forget and forge a new life. The past eventually fades away, and a brighter future comes. We get over deaths, heart breaks, failures, rejections, even wounds and embarrassments. I have heard. I refuse to believe it though. If we do get over it, if we do forget it all and don’t ever look back, was it at all worth it? If we don’t reflect upon it, will we be the person we are or are we just trying to hide? I know we have forged many masks. Masks to show people we don’t care. Masks so that people never know we are vulnerable. But, hey, if we all end up wearing masks, don’t we all know that we are wearing masks? Does that mean ‘transparency’ is just a theory? How do you learn to trust someone new if you have been lied to, before? How do you not question your actions when you realize that you have forgotten your past mistakes and you are in fact repeating them, subconsciously?

I have heard people change. That people shed their old skins and evolve. Does that mean you are a new person? Are you no longer attached to your past? Are there no skeletons in your closet? Let’s face it. We move on, but don’t move away. We walk ahead but a glance strays back, a furtive one, maybe but a glance anyway.


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