I Will. If You Let Me.

I’ll learn to love you. Soon. As soon as you let me. Let me know you. Let me get under your skin. Try to bare yourself to me. I promise. I’ll love you. If you let me. I need you to stare, deep into me so that I know the colours you reflect in your gaze. I need you to wink at me, just a fleeting one to me see the kind of mischief you hold. I need you. To need me. For now.

I shall not speak of tomorrow because the unseen scares and troubles my heart. But I will not give up hope, for you see, I’m nothing but a romantic. A hopeless one indeed. I have built my castles, my palaces and dreams. I have envisioned our lives, entwined. I have already begun to think of you and me as one, as us. Yet, I know. I know the bitter and harsh reality of the consequences if good fortune decided to break its ties with us.

I will love you. I know I will. Just let me know your secrets, sometimes. Not all of them, no. I’m too full of my own to contain all of yours. But I’d like to know a few. To know that you’re as human as I am. To know you’re equally vulnerable.

I will love you. If you let me.


2 thoughts on “I Will. If You Let Me.

  1. I may not be vulnerable. ‘cos I really wonder if I am a human being. When it comes to secrets, I do have a few like lost treasures and fountain of youth. Calypso, let’s love each other!

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