Let us talk.

I was always a loner. Not alone, mind you. A loner in a crowd. I walk, smile and nod at passers by and wonder, why not pause and make conversation? Why not walk upto a stranger and yell “Have a good day, you dawg!” Or perhaps, put my head on my co-passenger’s shoulder and tell him how much I miss myself? How hard would it be to actually admit to someone that I have no one? I ask you, friend.

You may laugh. Ask how a loner has friends? I have one. The one who’s conscience I occupy. You. You may not know, but I live in you. I see you laugh. I see you having fun and I see you weeping when you are sad. I long to comfort you. But you never seem to seek anything from me. You just seem to pile on. You pile your miseries on me. And I carry them all. Have you ever thought how would it be? To be inside someone and not be a part of them at all. 

With Love,

Your alter ego.


8 thoughts on “Let us talk.

  1. Well I am a loner… Of late I am suspecting perhaps I am lonely too(but I am not sure)… Few of my friends say I am egoistic…but they rarely take my behavior offensively … I believe I am just rude.. And not egoistic… Whatever…good blog it is of yours..

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