Pictures talk?

There was an uncanny hint of magic, pure and old, almost drowning her. Those old photographs of her. Her memory wasn’t as strong and most were a happy blur as she riffled through the yellowing album. She smiled, the wrinkles stretching her face. It wasn’t long back, was it?

The memories overwhelmed her.Transported 25 years in the past, it was as if she could still smell him. Too bad, it was just a day of love. They had parted, unwillingly, yes, but, not unhappily. It had been a magical evening & they had promised to catch up later. But she was a coward. She didn’t want to risk it. She had a family! 2 kids! So, she moved on. Her husband never found out. She had cheated on him, betrayed him but at what cost? She hadn’t left him to seek her happiness. She had stayed. That’s what she told her own self to seek reassurance every now and then.

But, now, when she was all alone, a widow, whose kids have too busy lives, she remembered. And pondered. What if? What if she had met him again? One will never know. She sighs and comes back to the present. Her hands tremble. She was a traitor. In and out of love.


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