This is the willful goodbye!

Swirling around us, invisible yet potent;
Failure rages, victory smiles, tears fall,
Lives will break and yet, unabashed, death will take its toll.

Wouldn’t it be great to run away from responsibilities? What more would one want than to live free?

You can’t deny that theย  taste of freedom is sweet. Even sweeter is death. Because that’s the ultimate freedom. Freedom from all the pain. Nothing left to achieve. No more tears to be wasted on what couldn’t be gained. So what if you do not want it? Its going to eat you up anyways. No! You ain’t that smart sonny.

To the high hills you may escape, under the sea you may try to hide, but it’ll find you when your time comes. So, no use fighting. Just bow down and accept your fate.
I might ask, why fight? Isn’t this our ultimate goal? To embrace death. Just like an actor steps off the stage at the end of his role, we must step out of this world too. But you got to decide son, you want to leave everything undone? Or clear up your mess and walk out proudly?

Because this is your last task, to bring yourself peace; the last dialogues are to be told and last lips are to be kissed. Yes, this is, you might say, your last dance. Step well or you will have have lost your last chance.

Au revoir!


6 thoughts on “This is the willful goodbye!

  1. Wow.. Awesome.. ๐Ÿ™‚ The best way is to keep fighting.. And never giving up because you’re worth it.. And you have the strength

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