Plums. And her.

The plums looked oh so delicious & tempting. Stooping low, she picked one up from the overflowing basket and bit into it. He stared, mesmerized as a trickle of juice slid down from her chin, rolling on the delightful arch of her neck, disappeared into the low cut bodice that she was wearing.

She winked at him, as if reading his thoughts and smiling wickedly, licked her lips and wiggled her eyebrows. He swallowed. “Thank goodness for plums”, he thought as he pulled her into his arms and drowned into her, all senses thrown in abandon.


4 thoughts on “Plums. And her.

  1. One doesn’t need to be very descriptive or long in his or her prosaic discourse if it is human emotions, the person is conveying. You put across splendour at its best. Eta opurbo. πŸ™‚

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