The Day After

Snuggling up inside the blankets, she dragged a puff from the cigarette and looked at him. He was lying a feet from her with one hand over her stomach and another splayed beside him.

Sunlight fell on his left hand and the platinum band glinted at her, as if taunting her. She knew she’d never actually own him, never have a claim on him but for the moment, he was hers and she; solely his. She smiled and shifted.
As if sensing her restlessness, he opened his eyes and completely unfazed by sleepiness or drowsiness, turned to her. Her breath caught in her throat. “He is so sexy.” was all she could think. Smirking as if he could read her mind, he stared deep in to her eyes and pulled her towards him. And off she went, in to his arms.

“I would sin again”, was her last coherent thought before drowning in his scent.


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