I’m scared of dreams. Not the day dreams. I can manage those. Its the dreams I see unconsciously that i’m just so terrified of. The hopes and aspirations which get imprinted on my subconscious are so heavy that my shoulders droop underneath their weight.

I don’t mean to see those dreams. It’s not that I don’t desire what they show me. But I don’t want to see them. Not when they are so unattainable.

They’re just part of who I’m. They hide in my sleep. I barely remember them when I wake up but they are there. Always. My dreams. Turning into nightmares. Feeding on my fears.

Do you dream?


9 thoughts on “Dreams

  1. Throughout every post, I’ve observed a feature that is deep rooted in your writing. It is your way of depicting even the pain with utmost grace. And from what little I’ve known, I reckon it is a difficult thing to incorporate. Keep up the creation of masterpieces like these. Regards, Swaroop.

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